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About Us

Excellence and Quality

We offer excellence and quality in our work

Our clients prefer us because we always offer excellence and quality in the remodeling and renovation of residential projects. Our remarkable customer service and profitable prices ensure the happiness of our customers. Our company is dedicated to guaranteeing our clients the best remodeling service. To achieve this, we have adopted optimal quality and efficiency policies for the realization of projects, which are constantly being improved. We take care of making that perfect space from the beginning of the project with real budgets, building, extending or remodeling without rest until materializing your desires achieving an unparalleled interior design or a unique experience that will make you love that place. If you already have that favorite place and want to improve it, we help you with the maintenance so that it looks and works impeccably.

Best Company in Texas

We Build on your Lot.

Dolphin Builders was born with the desire to improve lifestyles through first class construction and remodeling solutions. We aspire to offer innovative renovations, beautiful design options and unique finishes that fit every budget.